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Ever wonder what happens when a trans Jewish theological activist and a cisgender Baptist hunger activist walk into a Bible Bashing podcast and talk about Biblical stories? Listen in each month as host, Liam Michael Hooper – a justice-seeking gender theorist, trans educator-advocate, and author – meets with (new) co-host, Don Durham – a hermit like mendicant farmer, podcaster, and strategy coach – share their thoughts about Biblical stories. After discussing a given text, Liam or Don will share a non-Biblical text for us to hold in reflection.

Liam Hooper is a justice-seeking gender theorist, theological activist, trans educator-advocate and consultant living in North Carolina. He is the author of Trans-Forming Proclamation: A Transgender Theology of Daring Existence and a contributor to three trans anthologies. Liam is also the director of Ministries Beyond Welcome, an interfaith collaborative-collective of trans clergy and lay leaders rabble-rousing for change locally, regionally, and nationally.

How to keep up with Liam:
Website: Ministries Beyond Welcome
Book: Trans-Forming Proclamation: A Transgender Theology of Daring Existence
Personal Bio: Liam M Hooper
Booking: Trans Education & Activism
Twitter: @LiMHooper
Twitter2: @BibleBash

Don Durham laughingly describes himself as a peace and justice loving, hermit-like mendicant farmer and cantankerous curmudgeon. He runs a small farm where he grows food to give away and hosts a podcast about what other people are doing to end hunger. Each interview lifts up a creative, determined example of someone who has answered the question, “What can I do more of, more often to help end hunger? Don is a trained organizational change consultant and strategy coach. He helps clients be who they want to be and accomplish what they want to accomplish. Don lives in North Carolina.

How to keep up with Don
Podcast: Welcome To The Table!
Farm: Healing Springs Acres
Booking: Organizational & Personal Strategy Coaching
Twitter: @RealDonDurham

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