Shame, Pride, and Saying NO to Self-Doubt

Liam and Don are taking a little break over the summer to research, relax, and reboot. In this episode you will hear Another Text shared by Pastor June. You will hear an excerpt from a recent Pride Service

We’re honored to have a special guest this week to share a reading as our “other text.” Reverend Junia Joplin has provided an excerpt from a recent sermon delivered to her congregation during Pride on the second anniversary of her coming out.
More about Junia Joplin – After 20-plus years in Baptist ministry, Rev. Junia Joplin (she/her) now serves on the clergy team at the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto – a vibrant, inclusive, and progressive faith community and human rights church. Junia is either a basic suburban hockey mom or a sign of the apocalypse, depending on who you ask.

We look forward to having Junia join us for a full episode soon. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about her work, here’s a link to Junia’s personal website and a link to the full sermon from which her reading was selected.”

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In each episode of Bible Bash Podcast, , Liam Michael Hooper, a white trans Bible scholar and Don Durham, a white, cis, heterosexual farmer, minister, and podcaster take turns presenting the text. They then discuss. In addition, each episode they present another text, a non-Biblical text of note–religious or secular–that may or may not correspond to the Bible text. 

Bible Bash Podcast is a collaborative project created by Liam Hooper, Don Durham, and Peterson Toscano.  

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