Mark 11: 15-19 Turning Over Tables

Have you heard the story of Jesus’ hissy fit in the temple, turning over tables and ranting about the house of God being a house of prayer for all the peoples? Have you ever wondered what that apparent temper tantrum was all about? In this episode, Don offers his thoughts about the tale as we find in the Gospel of Mark. In his discussion, Don poses the possibility that Jesus was saying the quiet part out loud – really loud, in fact. Give a listen as Don and Liam take a closer look at the story.

For the Other Text, Liam reads Mary Oliver’s Morning Poem from Mary Oliver’s Dream Work collection, (1986, The Atlantic Monthly Press.)
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In each episode of Bible Bash Podcast, Liam Michael Hooper, a white trans Bible scholar and Don Durham, a white, cis, heterosexual farmer, minister, and podcaster take turns presenting the text. Then, they discuss. In addition, they present another text in each episode; a non-Biblical text of note – religious or secular – that may, or may not, correspond to the Bible text.

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