Biblical and other conversations in Trans/Queer affirming voices

Midwives: Beautiful, Splendid Leaders of Resistance — Exodus 1:15-22

We begin the new year, in 2022, with a close reading of the story of the midwives in Exodus 1: 15-21. Liam offers us an invitation to recognize Shifrah and Puah as revolutionary resistors and so much more: namely, co-creators with G-d, The Potter of eart…

Jesus and the Glory Seekers: Mark 10: 35-45

For his December Bash, Don takes a close and insightful look at Mark’s gospel and Jesus’ interactions with James and John, who wish to be seated at Jesus’ side and share in his glory. Or, so they say when they ask Jesus to do something for them.
In his …

Whose Fall Is It Anyway? Eve & the Serpent — Genesis 3

Diving into Genesis stories again, in this episode, Liam offers us a different view of the so-called Fall story found in Genesis 3. Reading the encounter between Eve and the serpent in a new way, and drawing on Rashi and his commentary on the story, Liam…

Foot-Washing Mary Foils Purse-Snatching Judas–John 12

In this Bible Bash episode, Don invites us into a closer look at what is going on with Judas when he rails at Mary for wasting expensive perfume on washing Jesus’ feet.

Poet, Maya Williams: Judas and Suicide

In mid-August, Liam and Don were joined by Portland Maine’s Poet Laureate, Maya Williams. Maya is not only a creative, gifted spoken word artist and poet, they are also a suicide survivor, theological thinker, and utterly enchanting person.
In this episo…